Vinmec Times City International Hospital – Ha Noi City – Cleveland Clinic Connected


Vinmec Times City International Hospital – Ha Noi City – Cleveland Clinic Connected

No. 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

About Vinmec Times City (Hanoi)

Vinmec Times City International Hospital is the first and largest hospital of Vinmec Healthcare System, opening in 2012.

Located in the thriving urban area of Times City (Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam), this ultra-modern hospital can be easily accessed by both personal and public transportation.

It has full major specialties meeting all patients’ needs, and is staffed by a team of leading international and Vietnamese experts, doctors and nurses, who play a key role in clinical treatment, research and training of the whole system.

The hospital is proud to be the first accredited general hospital in Vietnam by Joint Commission International (JCI) – the world’s most rigorous international standard for hospital quality and patient safety, recognized in over 90 countries worldwide. Its three-time accreditations assure the highest quality and the utmost patient safety is continuously maintained at the hospital.

It is also an official member of the Cleveland Clinic Connected (USA) – the program connects hospitals and health organizations around the globe with Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned team and expertise. Thanks to this membership, the hospital can take advantage of the world’s leading hospital’s wealth of knowledge to enhance patient care, safety, and outcomes for excellence and leading-edge care.

Vinmec Times City has also been awarded a variety of prestigious international standards in various aspects of medical care, including CAP in laboratory and pathology, RTAC in fertility, and ACC in heart failure and cath-lab, among others.

Capacity: 24,670 m², including 02 basements and 07 above-ground floors