Education & Training


Strategic alliance with VinUniversity

Vinmec holds the distinctive position of being Vietnam’s only private healthcare system that maintains an extensive alliance with a university equipped with comprehensive faculties in health sciences, technology, and business. In partnership with VinUniversity’s College of Health Sciences, Vinmec endeavors to pioneer an internationally-standardized model for medical human resource training in Vietnam.

Vinmec has been officially accredited with the Continuous Medical Education (CME) code by the Ministry of Health, positioning us on a trajectory to becoming a premier center for enhancing the competencies of healthcare professionals through recognized certification.
Vinmec also focuses on training doctors, resident physicians, nurses, and contributes to improving the quality of healthcare personnel for Vietnam.

The College of Health Sciences (VinUniversity)

An advocate of advanced medical pedagogy in Vietnam

  • Cutting-edge pedagogical methodologies, including Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Team-Based Learning, complemented by information technology and e-learning platforms.
  • Opportunities for students to gain hands-on clinical experience through internship programs across all Vinmec hospitals.
  • Immersive learning models at Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) and Advanced Imaging Education Center (AIEC), fostering practical skill development in real-world scenarios.